We have a fully equipped operating room with state of the art anesthesia. We provide routine surgical procedures including spays and neuters but also perform more complex surgeries under the direction of Boarded Surgeons.

We are committed to providing the safest anesthesia possible. We always do a thorough physical exam prior to anesthesia to be sure that no new problems have arisen since your pet’s last appointment. We highly recommend pre-operative blood work, especially for the older animals; to be sure there are no underlying problems that may interfere with anesthesia. There is a veterinary technician at the side of each animal during their surgical procedure. An IV catheter is placed prior to surgery to give medications and fluids during the procedure. Each animal’s vitals are closely monitored – which include ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen and breathing rate. In addition to safety, pain management during and after surgery are a high priority.

We use cutting edge pain management to ensure that every animal is as comfortable as possible. All animals go home the same day as their procedure as soon as they are alert enough to walk around and eat and drink.

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